Nursery Blankets

biRdy boUy & boo creations!

I always keep my "creations" as a unique item.  I like the idea of my products as being a work of art, so I will never do the same blanket, cushion or toy the same.  The concept may be the same, the design of the blanket, toy or cushion, but the art on the item is always different and has it's own uniqueness!

Pram Nursery Blanket: Owl & Pussy Cat - boy  $80

I hand make all of the items with love and artistic passion, I just love making all of the products.

Where I can I will use vintage materials, but with the nursery blankets I must admit I like to keep new!  The clean line and freshness for little bubs is a must.
I use 100% Tasmanian  wool blanketing, I buy locally, with a bright quirky cotton fabric for backing.

Hand aplique, machine sewn "drawing" (free hand) and hand wool embroidery are the techniques I use.
I DO NOT use machine designs, ONLY all freehand art.

 A little piece of my imagination, handcraft and love has been sewn into each of them.

May you love and snuggle biRdy boUy & boo.


Large double bed blanket with 3 owls $120

Cot blanket, SOLD

 Cot Nursery Blanket: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - girl  $95

Bassinet Nursery Blanket: Hush Little Baby - boy  $55