Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Crafty Bits & Bobs

This is a double -queen sized 100% Tasmanian wool blanket hand crafted ... one of my favourites!

Here are my lovely cushions and baby blanket.  Also 100% Tassie wool with quirky birds and flowers & vintage buttons...

The Blanket is cot size : 76cm x 92 cm with the hand crafted stitching (on machine) positioned in the
                                       upper to mid right hand side.
The cushions are a compact & plump: 63cm diam - may keep for myself look divine on my couch!!!
                                                             & comfy...

                                                      MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

My mum got me onto these! Do you love my Santa's?  I now have an elf added to the pair so now they are a trio... Three generations My mum made one, I made the mushroom one and my daughter 5 1/2 (with Grandma's help) did the apple Santa...  How special

Hope you all are creative over the Christmas holidays, may Hope, Joy and Blessings come your way.