Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Crafty Bits & Bobs

This is a double -queen sized 100% Tasmanian wool blanket hand crafted ... one of my favourites!

Here are my lovely cushions and baby blanket.  Also 100% Tassie wool with quirky birds and flowers & vintage buttons...

The Blanket is cot size : 76cm x 92 cm with the hand crafted stitching (on machine) positioned in the
                                       upper to mid right hand side.
The cushions are a compact & plump: 63cm diam - may keep for myself look divine on my couch!!!
                                                             & comfy...

                                                      MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

My mum got me onto these! Do you love my Santa's?  I now have an elf added to the pair so now they are a trio... Three generations My mum made one, I made the mushroom one and my daughter 5 1/2 (with Grandma's help) did the apple Santa...  How special

Hope you all are creative over the Christmas holidays, may Hope, Joy and Blessings come your way.


  1. Wow! Nat, you have been super creative. I especially love the blanket and cushions!

  2. Thanks Bron! You know me cant sit still... xx