Monday, February 7, 2011


Hi all,
Yes I'm still here! I have been busy knitting... after viewing my friend Bron's blog she has hooked me, excuse the pun!!
I'm knitting squares for a blanket for my son!  There is a story behind the squares which I will post once I have the facts, and a picture of my squares with the pattern!  They take about 2 hrs to knit (well me!)
Hope you are all being crafty?
I have also picked up the paint brush again!  I do all mediums but my fav is watercolour...
I am currently painting little pictures for a story I would love to get published, thanks Kathy, (my friend, as she has been encouraging me to do them!)

Here are a few of my sketches which I am refining to print cards to sell for a non-profit purpose (I need to talk to Bron, maybe for a Bali orphanage, or Gwen for one in Cambodia?)  [These are nothing like my illustrations!!]

PLEASE give me feedback on which ones I should print?  
 I will post them when I have them done!  

Missi Moo with Ginge

Missi Moo balloon play

 Birdy on a mushroom

Missi Moo.....

[all Missi Moo paintings are copyright Natalie Stone 2011]

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  1. I love them all but the bird on the toadstool is my absolute favourite!!!