Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

I must apologise first for not blogging for a verrrrrry long time!
I have been busy doing bits and bobs...
Recently I completed two woollen baby blankets, one was off to Scotland, (a friend of mine asked me to do her  blankets for her friends who both just had a baby boy), but unfortunately as I am not good at wireless transport of photos off my phone so I can not show you a picture. The other one for her friend in Hobart.  Thanks Heidi  hope they love their blankies???
I knitted a blanket for a friend of mine for her beautiful little girl.
Three baby blankets and a painting commission were sold projects but I have no photos, so I am going to ask my friend to send me their pictures to share?
Here are some pictures of a few of my crafts still up for grabs, and I am also available for commissions!
Hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year,  Blessings...

Owley :SOLD

Crazy Bunny @ the beach NOW in a Christmas shoe box 
(Samaritans perse) 

Cute little whale $5

Birdy broaches $10 each very cute!

Ohh these were for Easter oops... still for SALE @$3 each

Crazy Bunny stop being silly...

my daughter posing for me while I paint her... starting to take shape.
Hope to hang in Swamp cafe 

Friday, April 8, 2011

NO market this sunday :0(

Hi all, sorry there will be no market this sunday as my friend is not well that I was going with.
I will post the ware onto the blog for you to look at... sorry about that!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I have not forgotten about my blog or you... Summer is always a busy time for all of us!
I have been busy doing little crafty bits and bobs, and loads of knitting... and lets not forget work! (check out my link next to "home" A Beam of Beauty for Salon SPECIALS!)
I will post my pictures (and pattern) in the next few days, with some quirky little toys and badges I have been making for a market stall on the 10th April.
My friend Abby and I have been busy, so if you are in Evandale that Sunday pop over and check out our lovely crafty blankets, cushions, toys, keyrings .........

My beautiful friend has given me back the bug for photography!
Here are some pictures I took last week of my budding new little ballerina...

Monday, February 7, 2011


Hi all,
Yes I'm still here! I have been busy knitting... after viewing my friend Bron's blog she has hooked me, excuse the pun!!
I'm knitting squares for a blanket for my son!  There is a story behind the squares which I will post once I have the facts, and a picture of my squares with the pattern!  They take about 2 hrs to knit (well me!)
Hope you are all being crafty?
I have also picked up the paint brush again!  I do all mediums but my fav is watercolour...
I am currently painting little pictures for a story I would love to get published, thanks Kathy, (my friend, as she has been encouraging me to do them!)

Here are a few of my sketches which I am refining to print cards to sell for a non-profit purpose (I need to talk to Bron, maybe for a Bali orphanage, or Gwen for one in Cambodia?)  [These are nothing like my illustrations!!]

PLEASE give me feedback on which ones I should print?  
 I will post them when I have them done!  

Missi Moo with Ginge

Missi Moo balloon play

 Birdy on a mushroom

Missi Moo.....

[all Missi Moo paintings are copyright Natalie Stone 2011]