Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

I must apologise first for not blogging for a verrrrrry long time!
I have been busy doing bits and bobs...
Recently I completed two woollen baby blankets, one was off to Scotland, (a friend of mine asked me to do her  blankets for her friends who both just had a baby boy), but unfortunately as I am not good at wireless transport of photos off my phone so I can not show you a picture. The other one for her friend in Hobart.  Thanks Heidi  hope they love their blankies???
I knitted a blanket for a friend of mine for her beautiful little girl.
Three baby blankets and a painting commission were sold projects but I have no photos, so I am going to ask my friend to send me their pictures to share?
Here are some pictures of a few of my crafts still up for grabs, and I am also available for commissions!
Hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year,  Blessings...

Owley :SOLD

Crazy Bunny @ the beach NOW in a Christmas shoe box 
(Samaritans perse) 

Cute little whale $5

Birdy broaches $10 each very cute!

Ohh these were for Easter oops... still for SALE @$3 each

Crazy Bunny stop being silly...

my daughter posing for me while I paint her... starting to take shape.
Hope to hang in Swamp cafe 

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  1. Very cool goodies you have there. Will send a link off my blog as soon as I sort out some stamp sets I have for sale! X